Yes.  The best way to do so is online, as we have no receptionist. We often have same day appointments available, even for new patients.


We all participate in creating our quiet and peaceful setting by speaking softly, and not too much. Please try to minimize the use of strong scents before you come to the clinic. Wear shoes in the clinic. After your initial intake paperwork is completed, we will discuss your health concern(s) then a treatment plan will be recommended for you. Your acupuncture treatment comes next. After finding a chair, remove your shoes, then roll your sleeves and pant legs up, in order to get ready for your treatment. I mainly use styles of acupuncture which allow me to select points primarily on the arms and legs. Acupuncture pins are solid and fine unlike a needle used to draw blood. I only use sterile disposable pins. The typical stay is 45 minutes.


Mankato Community Acupuncture has a Sliding Fee Scale of $40-60 per treatment and a $10 intake fee for the first visit only. There is no income verification. We ask that you please pay with cash or Venmo. 
Healthcare providers do not accept tips.

Sliding Scale Fee is provided for equal accessibility in Alternative Medicine, and support for ongoing health challenges, including mental health.

If you have insurance, we are happy to give you a receipt to submit.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you must bring it in, please turn off your cell phone. 


Usually not much at all. Most people are deeply relaxed and/or asleep once all points are placed. Most people don’t realize that we DO NOT have to place the pins where the pain or problem is located. For example, we can treat back and hip pain using points on the arms and legs.


Acupuncture is a process. Every now and then, acupuncture will act like a “miracle cure”, and a person will have all of their symptoms disappear after only one treatment – but that is a rare event. Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms; it is gentle and safe – and usually gradual. Almost everybody who gets acupuncture will need a series of treatments to get good results, which is one big reason we came up with our sliding scale, for your self-care empowerment.

New Location!
Mankato Community Acupuncture on Farm Island
20620 Old Highway 66
Mankato, MN 56001
303-961-8576 text for a more rapid response

New Situation!
1 – Community Acupuncture takes place in a group setting with the expectation that all respect each persons’ privacy and process- feel free to give a call regarding things you do not want discussed in the space. Initial intake will be a longer appointment, personal details discussed over the phone after I receive your intake form.

2 – New office location in a farmette out building, in Mankato, very near to Mt. Kato- (white one story block building with signage).

3 – In this unique setting are farm animals, possibly muddy conditions due to dirt road, and heat provided by a wood burning stove.

4 – Please use the restroom prior to your visit, outhouses are across the street if you need them.

5 – Park off the road and give the right of way to chickens crossing the road. Do not pet animals or wander the property.

6 – Outside of schedule I offer vehicle, private, and group appointments, call or text to schedule.

7 – I am not a Western Medical Provider, therefore we will discuss your health, lifestyle, etc in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am happy to work with all your providers.

General Hours of Operation
Please check online scheduler
Come on time – not early – as I do not have a reception area for you to wait in.
Tuesday 10a-2p
Thursday 10a-2p
Friday 5p-8p
Sunday 3p-6p